The Egg Project

Well Iris's kindergarten school sent us her project worksheet. Yes !!!, a project for a 3 year old to do research (with her parents) about 3 kinds of eggs and their origins. In Thailand, we normally consume eggs from 3 sources: chicken, duck, and quail. I don't know how much Iris can do her project sheet. So I have to do the research for her and end up drawing the picture of the chicken, the duck, and the quail eggs using color pencils. Tone teases me that Iris (or me) should get an A+ for this project. I try to let her involve as much as possible. But she is only 3 yrs old. So I end up holding her hand and we color the blue arrows together. I also taught her how to identify each type of the egg when she comes in our kitchen. It is fun. I hope she learn something from this.


mARTa said...

Welcome to the world of school projects! LOL! I got A's on all of mine! (well, the kids got the A's) I (they) made all kinds of cool stuff over the years. They ( I ) were so creative.....LOL! I think the teachers knows who really does the project and our children know how much we love that we help (do) their projects!

Joan said...

I'm sure she enjoyed doing the project with you. It is hard for a little one to do the projects by themselves. When I taught school, my students were 9-12 years old and the parents were still taking over the projects. You could tell the kids didn't do them!!!

Ai said...

Thank you Joan and Marta for the two different perspectives on the school project. I won't feel bad then if I have to help Iris a lot in the future.