Studio set up

The semester almost finishes. I still need to go to the faculty 3-4 days a week for doing other admin stuff but I don't have to teach for 2 months. So I get to work on my own studio. Well it is another unused bedroom, painted in warm yellow with plenty of light. Before there was an electric piano, a TV & Sterio set on the floor and one corner occupied with Buddha shrines (as seen in the top pic), the other corner was a big teak closet.

So I start the studio by purchasing a big white table that I always dream of. I don't know what I gonna do with it but at least I want to sit in front of a big white table to read, think, draw, and paint.

I bought another good adjustable shelf so now the bottom shelf hold my art books. And I put TV and Sterio on the top shelf (as seen in the 3rd pic). So now I can paint and glancing at my DVD at the same time.

The 2nd and 4th pic. show the room in other perspective. You could see I have move the Buddha shrine to the top of our teak closet. I plan to move more art stuff in the house to store in this closet. The bamboo Thai xylophone (on the floor) with the purple mat was our heirloom piece from my grandpa.

I feel the happy creative vibe in this room already.


Joan said...

Ai, The studio looks great!!! Congratulations on having such a wonderful area to work in. Your husband was right to do artwork there before anything else. Now it is a real studio!! I wish you happy, productive, artistic days in there!

"JeanneG" said...

I like your studio too Ai. So nice and now you can leave your stuff out when you finish. Putting things away each time is very time consuming.