My portrait

It is now at the top of page as a background for "Ai Arts". After one paint out with the University of Alabama Women Painters at the dam park overlooking black warrior river in Tuscaloosa. AL, one painter named Dorothy Lott later gave me her 9x11 inch watercolor of me. I was bemused because I was not aware that there were someone painting me while I was painting. I just love this portrait. I later become good friends with Dorothy Lott.

So my observation, wearing a hat when you go paint out. Besides, it help your eyes, someone might decide to paint your portrait and surprise you. I saw this similar one in Mel Stabin book as well that he painted a painter with a hat in Provance.


mARTa said...

What a compliment. I would treasure this portrait too! Nice masthead for your blog!

Joan said...

What a nice surprise painting for you to get, and it is perfect for your blog. I always enjoy seeing artists paint other artists. It shows we appreciate our artistic "family."

"JeanneG" said...

She did a really nice job and was so nice to give it to you.