First art from the new studio

I was about to do tax on my new studio table; Tone stopped me and said the first thing created in that room should be my art. I couln't agree more. So I did this Conte crayon painting from my memory of a Thai vine called Soi-In-ta-nin, which climbs all over the univ. library's gazebo as the first piece under the new studio set up. It is about 8x11 inch.

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Desiree said...

Hello my friend, I haven't been online much either and I have missed your beautiful blog. I have been just visiting all the latest posts and I think I would love to see your studio walls full of more of your artwork! You should be able to create many new pieces now that you have your own area! I love the pictures of you and Iris, those are such special times she will always remember! Glad you are feeling better so you can enjoy your good health. If you ever get the opportunity to come back to the states you can always stay with us for a visit. We could take Iris to Disneyland! LOL Its a very American thing to do here.