Wat-Arun and Wat-Pho

These are life sketching done as a part of our Bangkok Sketchers group outing on May 30th. We had three artists from Penang, Malaysia to join our trip. Wat-Arun (shown in the first two sketches) is also known as Temple of the Dawn on the west side of ChaoPhraYa river and Wat-Pho is CheTuPon Temple on the opposite east side of the river. Wat-Arun is famous for its tall stupa, which makes its grand statement against the morning sky of Bangkok. On the other hand, Wat-Pho is famous for the reclining buddha, and the first place to teach Thai traditional medicine and Thai massage. We had fun that day and it had been quite a turn out with so many Thai sketchers.


travelingsuep said...

I love the first 2 watercolours, they are very evocative.

Joan said...

I love seeing your paintings of your area...so different from here. I'm glad you are still able to get out with the group.

Ai said...

Travelingsuep: Thank you I hope I get to sketch with you there some day.

Joan: Thank you very much. You sure will enjoy lots of different things here.