Unofficial Piano Recital

Well, Thailand is full of surprises... and lately they have come in many great stories. The past three months I have taken maternity leave from university teaching. One day Tone told me that while I was gone, the Univ. main library has done extensive renovation to one of their wings and add more R&R space for Univ. people. One of the addition is adding a grand piano in the main hallway. I was so thrilled and also did not fully believe that story until this past Saturday, Tone and I stopped by the library. We both gave our unofficial recitals to passersby. This is my first time playing in public so I totally shaken. I did attempt to play two songs: Canon in D major and Ballade pour Adeline. I felt so good to play it I hope they keep that piano for as long as possible and I hope to practice more and come back to play it more often.

After Tone and I was about to leave, another young Thai mathematics major student sat down and played Beethoven Sonata No.8. He blew us away. It is like you will never imagine in a million years that a young man in a t-shirt and jeans will be able to give a concert hall quality classical music. I am sure that this piano will bring many great stories to the campus.


Helen Percy Lystra said...

How lovely that would be, to be able to play and to be able to hear piano while you work... live instead of on cds as I have here in my studio.

Joan said...

Glad to hear you had your public debut!!! How nice that you will have a grand piano to play on!

I like your swans below and the amusment ride. I have been so bad at getting to see what people have posted lately. I've been too busy.

Ai said...

Thank you Helen, and Joan. Yes, music and art do go well together don't they.