Wang-Trakrai Waterfall

e just came back from a one night camping trip to Wang-Tra-Krai waterfall park, 100 miles northeast of Bangkok. It is one of the nearest mountain we can go from Bangkok. We stayed in a simple but decent cabin with a simple equipped kitchen. So Tone and I got to cook our own breakfast this morning and I got to sketch them. I did bring along a big sketchbook for Iris for her to draw as you shall see one of her drawing.

#1 trees -- a plein air of the stream and the mountain backdrop in the evening last light, watercolor

#2 treat -- When we arrived to our cabin, they put a simple glass bowl with wild yellow flowers in the room to greet us, watercolor & Stabilo brown pen

#3 breakfast -- This was what we cooked. Poor Tone had to wait a few minutes for me to sketch before he could eat, color pencils

#4 public space -- Done by Iris to depict our rental cabin with our car parked near by, the right most were Tone and I busy cooking. The middle green face was Iris. Color pencils.

Here are some highlights of the trip:


Joan said...

Beautiful paintings from your trip!! I enjoyed seeing the photos too.

Ai said...

Thanks so much Joan. It is a nature place that is quite close to Bangkok. We love it.