My #21 Worldwide Sketchcrawl -- Bangkok

Jan 10 is the #21 Worldwide Sketchcrawl, which means people around the world will sketch today either going out or staying in and then they will share their sketches at www.sketchcrawl.com. So each of us will get to see the snapshots of each other live across the globe.

I first had my ambitious plan to go sketching the Grand Palace in downtown Bangkok but my daughter got sick. So we had to take her to the doctor in the morning. So I adjusted my plan by starting to sketch some pot plants, and Thai topiary at my parent home, which is close to the doctor clinic. Then we took our daughter home and I got to sketch scenes from my neighborhood temple which situates next to the orchard canal. We live in the orchard suburban of Bangkok, called Bangmod. It used to be the area famous for a kind of sweet tangerine orchards. I closed today with the canal scene (Bangmod canal or the Thai called it "Klong Bangmod) across from our gate community. The last few pieces, I had to add the gouache wash at home due to I have to hurry home for my daughter care. I really have a good time sketching outdoor today. I have to Thank my DH, Tone for driving me to the temple, which I had already forgot that we have an interesting one in our neighborhood. BTW, Iris is feeling much better now... whew.

#1 plants at my parents' home (watercolor)

#2 On the return route back to my home, the latest "pink" bus, which just came out to Bangkok streets, and the street garland vendor

#3 My neighborhood's temple entrance

#4 The bell tower at the temple

#5 Thai country houses along the orchard canal or we call it "Klong Bangmod"

#6 Thai water canal convenient shop, opposite from our gated community. Bangkok used to be called "Venice of the East". Now many of the little canal ended up becoming streets.


mARTa said...

these are wonderful Ai! I will post tomorrow of my sketchcrawl in San Diego!

Joan said...

Ai - I love the sketches showing your local culture. These are wonderful!

Rose said...

They are all awesome Ai! you have come a long way and now Iris will be following you! :) She looks like she's having fun too! xo Rose

Desiree said...

Ai, I love your sketches, I posted mine already but I didn't get as many done as you did! Even though you had to adjust your plans you did a wonderful job. I hope Iris is well soon!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Wonderful sketches... I totally spaced on the sketchcrawl this time... glad you didn't

Ai said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I hope one day we all can share our Sketchcrawl day together.

Asnee said...

sawadee krap, Khun Ai
i am asnee at
glad to find you ref. sketchcrawl which is just one day away. wonder if you are taking part this time round, i am trying to get few more friends but as a first-timer, would really appreciate to learn more from you.
if it is ok with you, kindly contact me at 081 702 0102, perhaps we could have a more active crawl in bangkok this year.

i also have some posting at urbansketchers.com and flickr.com/photos/asnee
i can also be contacted at asnee.t@gmail.com

look forward to hearing from you (in time;-) soon

best regards