Plein Aire of House 50/2

I did this plein aire from my neighbor's flower tree. I spent about 30 min. painting it on 11x14 inch Strathmore 400 series pad. We have a similar tree in our yard but it has not bloomed for the past two years. At least I am glad to see this blooming one from my neighbor.

Note for plein aire friends, I use my almost forgotten Soltrek easel today. I have a hard time try to work its telescopic legs. I think their leg latching mechanism sucks. I bought it in 2001, long time ago I hope the company has fixed the problem now. Otherwise, you should look into something else for portable easel. This thing costed me almost $500... ouche.


Joan said...

Great job on the tree in bloom! It is nice to see some warmth after the cold spell we are having. Sorry your easel doesn't work well. I have a Winsor & Newton one that was inexpensive and I like it. However, every time I use it I put something together backwards and have to take it apart again. lol Happy painting!

Rose said...

Wonderful Ai!!! I love trees, this is awesome! :)

Ai said...

Thanks so much Joan and Rose for your kind comments.