Thai Mother Day

Aug 12th is the Thai National mother day as it is our queen's birthday. However, Iris's school hosted a mother day open house on Aug 8th. I went there and met the teachers, her classmates, and other parents. There are 2 teachers per one pre-kindergarten classroom (30 kids). The teachers decorated the board at the back of class room with Iris's work. She paint a blue blob (aka her mom) in the middle of one picture shown here. I had a big smile when I saw it. The middle part of the board show the pair photo of each kid and his/her mom. And the right most of the board is the card that the kids helped the teacher made one for each parent.

So that morning the parents witnessed the kid's normal school routine and later there was a game of musical chair of which Iris still thought that she had to run back to get to the chair she started with. Of course, she could not make it in time for a boy already had taken her original chair. Iris, turned to me and ask... Mommy... where has my chair gone to? I think she will pick up the logic of this game next time. One of the photo is a comparison of me when I was about 4-5 yrs old and Iris at 3 yr old. Aren't we a cute couple. The day finished with the teachers arrange for each pair of kid and parent had to help coloring the plaster doll. We had so much fun and I am so glad I can be a mom and my baby is Iris. Thanks God for letting me have this beautiful happy child.


mARTa said...

Oh Ai, what a lovely post! I wish I had the money to come visit you. I know I would have the adventure of a life time. I would have loved to visit the school and children with you. Soon, we would have them all sketching and painting, yes? kisses for Iris

Ai said...

Thank you Marta. Don't give up the hope. Soon when the dollar gets much stronger; things will be much easier for you to travel far. Yes, we would have a blast to brain wash the kids with paints ;-)