Thai Mother Day -- Part II

Well today is the Thai mother day holiday, Aug 12th. We had a nice American breakfast before visiting my mom. She played with Iris a little while. Then we took her to a karaoke lunch. We rent a small private karaoke room and order some food. Tone and I did most of the singing. My mom sang a little. Most of the time, all of us kept watching how Iris reacted to each song that just came up on the Karaoke monitor. We handed her the microphone but Iris did not sing much. So finally we had to order the "Jingle Bell" and the "Happy Birthday" songs that Iris sang with us a little bit. We had more fun when I pretended to be the host of Thai Junior miss pageant interviewing Iris. I asked her what is her Dada name.. She said its Tony. Then I asked her again what is her mother's name.... a long pause... since my real Thai name is so long and difficult. Then I asked her again what is her grandma's name.. then Iris said it is "Grandma". So we all had a great smile.

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