Commander in Chef

After we came home from the mother day karaoke lunch with my mom, Tone volunteered to cook chili for dinner. So I was his sous chef: chopping up onion and all that. Finally, Tone started cooking and Iris happened to be asleep. So I grab the charcoal that I never used and try to sketch Tone standing in front of the stove. The face proportion was not as accurate and his chin beared the trait of Jay Leno's . The arm and fingers were not right either but We kind of liked it. And the best part was that Iris woke up when I finished sketching. So I showed the sketch to her and asked what it is. She replied "Dada Cooking". So Tone and I had big smiles. We are so glad that Iris turns natural bilingual kid of Thai and English.

This is a charcoal sketh of 10x12 inch on a big Thai sketch book.

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