Wahkor Aquarium

Our semester has ended. So we left Bangkok yesterday morning, drove thru HuaHin, our usual spot further down two more hours to BanKrut beach. It is very very quiet but also very nature. We like it. We found out that there is an aquarium 40 Km. away. So we planned to take Iris there. And Walla... !!!

This is about 7x9 inch watercolor sketch, done life in front of the giant tank at Wahkor Aquarium, Prachuab Kirikhan. It took me about 35 minutes at the tank and I did the blue background at the resort. The remaining pics are us on the beach at the resort in the calm morning. We love you all and miss you and sending you our peaceful positive vibe.


mARTa said...

oh Ai what a beautiful sketch and what great photos of your holiday! Hope you are doing well!!

Ai said...

Marta, Thank you very much, we are doing well. I have to dope myself up for more protein for the 4 month pregnancy period but I feel great. I miss ya.