I did have a great sketching out today. I did meet two more SketchCrawlers today: K.Asnee and K.Pramote. So Bangkok WorldWideSketchCrawl will never be the same... Yeah.

I started my SketchCrawl solo in the early morning by doing the outside scences of Temple at Wat Pho, a famous Bangkok attraction. Later I moved inside the temple to do the reclining Buddha. Later I met up with the two more Crawlers mentioned above.

#1 Me, with my first sketch of the day. I had attracted several of bystanders who tried to chat with me while I was sketching including 2 kids ;-)

#2 Two new crawlers, from Left K.Pramote, K.Asnee, and me.

#3 -- Thai temples at Wat-Pho

#4 -- Another pagoda scene at Wat-Pho

#5 -- I did the head part of the giant reclining Buddha.

#6 -- I try to establish the scale of the giant reclining Buddha by sketching one tourist posing for a photo in the middle.


kriz said...

Love the water colors... real nice... You got real talent

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I love your sketches Ai, and your dedication to the sketch crawl.

Ai said...

Thank you so much kriz, and Helen. It was fun to sketch out especially with some sketching buddies.