Let loose Geraniums

This is a part of Weekend Drawing Event (WDE) on Wetcanvas. I try to be more loose in the 2nd attempt of the day. Iris, my daughter, intercepted me while I just started and demanded that she painted too. So I ended up doing a challenge by painting with my daughter. I tried to point her to corresponding spot in the ref. photo to the colors that I just mixed and I later hold her hand painting. She seemed to take it pretty well. At the end we were both happy painting. I like the result for its looseness. This took about 40 minutes and done on a giant sketch book 11x13.5 inch. Previously I use the top right corner of this sketch page for testing some color pencils.


Joan said...

This is such a lovely thing to do with Iris!!! You both look so content!

"JeanneG" said...

This is such a sweet moment with you and Iris. I remember my nephew when he was her age sitting on my lap and wanting to punch the keys on a calculator. I would have to turn it off and tell him it broke to get him to stop. But it was such a fun and close time with him. Enjoy it while you can. Hugs from me.

Rose said...

Oh, how sweet... look at Iris, she is so into your painting... and sitting so still :) I love it... she is going to be a great artist like you! xoxo