I am back -- Self portrait

I had been exhausted for the past week. A week ago I flew with the team to do some research in the northern province of Thailand over the weekend. Then back Sunday night for the regular work week. I had a Tuesday late night work follow by early morning Wed. work... I was so disoriented. So I had to skip several days of my blog and even one piano lesson. The good news is, now I am back to my normal self again. Thanks for your good vibe.

Today I get to do a life self-portrait with Plumeria flower on my hair. The painting is about 9x11.5 inch using Rembrandt soft pastel on my big sketch book.


Joan said...

No wonder you were out of sorts! Glad you're back to normal. I love the sp with the plumeria. You look very "native."

Rose said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I love your self portrait!!! And flowers, they are awesome always... one in your hair is a beautiful thing. Hope this week is better for you! xoxo Rose