Floating market

This is a 4x5 inch watercolor (KOI travel set) plein air done while I was sitting in a cafe along side the Damneonsaduak canal in Rachaburi province. This floating market is the first tourist attraction floating market renowned for more than 50 years. This is the first time in my life that I visit this place !!!

Tone, Iris, our nanny and I left Bangkok early this morning heading south 50 miles from Bangkok. All of us never seen the real floating market before, so this is truly remarkable. The energy is so unbelievable. Once we arrived we rent one hour taxi boat to go thru the market and we stopped for fifteen minutes at the coconut sugar house, where they show us how to convert coconut's sap into coconut sugar. Then we drove 8 more miles to the Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral and I did another quick plein air sketch. It is unbelievable that in this orchard land away from Bangkok, 120 years ago there were priests from China who received funding from Paris and Rome, and built this majestic cathedral along the river here. We were in awe when we see the inside.


Rose said...

Gorgeous, Ai. Glad you all had a wonderful time!! Miss you, Art Angel!!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Love this post it was so interesting. And your painting was beautiful as usual. :)

Joan said...

Your paintings of these sites are wonderful!!! I can just imagine the energy at the market. That would be fun!!