Island splash

I am glad I get this opportunity to stay three nights on a little cottage snuggling over the cliff overlooking the bay at Koh Tao, or Tao island. It feels different to go to vacation without Tone and Iris but in a good way. Plenty of time to get to know the waves, the sands, the bays, the corals, the fishes, the crabs, the sea egrets, the boats, the fishing men, the tourists, the piers, the silver glow sunrise, the warm glow of the moon, yoga by the beach, lying on the beach and letting the waves splashes my face like I have no way to stand against its relentless powerful rythm, pondering question of my life to myself, and starting writing a novel. I used to write a few essays and poems to kid magazine when I was in school. It is a pity to let those small fun things gone in the wind. May be it will take me ten years to finish this novel but I am willing to go for it this time. Enjoy my zen and the splashes !!!


"JeanneG" said...

Wonderful photos. Looks like you had a great time on your trip. Have you gotten mail from me?

Joan said...

Ai - I really enjoyed seeing these photos from your trip!!! It looks like a beautiful place to relax and paint!!

Desiree said...

Oh Ai, sounds wonderful, I wish I was there with you! You deserve the time by yourself. It is good to think about the those deeper questions in life. We are going on our first vacation since Jennifers accident in May. We are also excited to get away and relax! Paint, rest, refill yourself!

Ai said...

Jeanne: Thanks for stopping by.
Joan: I hope I can take you there one day.
Desiree: Thank you for your confirmation. Now I know that I can feel free with my thought ;-) and that is Okay.