Back to music

This is the sketch of our piano for the recent Scavenger Hunt#128 using casein paints.

The enchanting zen from Koh-Tao island trip makes me reconnect with all my senses. I miss playing music. I decide to get back to piano and I am lucky to find a nice instructor who will come to teach me at home every Friday morning. I took 2 lessons so far. It has been great.

I started my first piano lesson when I was late in high school. I had several interruptions. The first one I had to go to senior year in a highschool in the US. Then when I came back to Thailand I got accepted to a University that is quite far from my home. I had to stay in a dorm so no time and no piano to practice. Then when I got my Bachelor I also work far from home again. The following year I got scholarship from the Thai government to go do master an Ph.D in the US. So I had to be away for another 8 years. Once I came back to Thailand in 2002 I had taken a lesson for 2 years but then I quit for my intense work schedule and later I had baby Iris and left thumb tendon injury. So no piano again... until two weeks ago that I restarted the lesson. I hope I can continue despite so many hectic things in life. Now my teacher gives me a simplified piece of "Green Sleeves" to work on.

I am a beginner piano student. I often feel inferior when I hear Tone plays. He is fabulous. I often said to him that he plays piano like I paint. He has a nice way to comfort me that "...But you play piano much better than I paint." What a lovely remark he made. I am lucky to marry Tone then ;-)


Joan said...

What a sweet comment from Tone! It takes a lot of work and practice to make beautiful music, so I'm glad you're getting back into it. The piano painting is lovely!!

Rose said...

I love this piece Ai!!! And I'm sure you are a wonderful piano player!! I wish I had time to post more but will soon. Sickness is nearly gone here, thank goodness and my husband had his hernia surgery, so that's over with. Now, if the dang swine flu would just go away, things would be great. Don't we all have enough to worry about?? Love ya, xoxo Keep up the great work and say hi to Tone and Iris. Glad they're back with you!

Ai said...

Thanks so much Rose and Joan. I hope all the world-wide flu and all sickness will be away from us. So we can have time and energy to do more art and take care of our family.