Merry Christmas

I finally finish the Christmas card of this year. I had tried to paint some cards before but I hardly like any of those paintings that I make. So this one finally come along just two hours shy of Thai Christmas day. It is 5.5x7 inch watercolor. The red thing was supposed to be a ribbon... Ha !!! Any way I had fun painting it and I wish you all the time and all the joy of painting or sketching. Oh.. and if you are not a painter or a sketcher yet, start to be one of them then. I am sure you will do great.... "Merry Christmas" to you. May your life is filled with love, joy, peace, inspiration, and time to do art. Thanks for all my art friends and blog visitors, your kind comments mean a world to me.

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Joan said...

Ai - Your blog is always a joy to visit!!! Nice job on this! Hope your Christmas was great!!