Fun things I did in 2008

Well, there were so many fun things I did in 2008. Starting this year, I went out and got my mountain bike on my January birthday. I had a bike accident on my first bike trip, getting bruise thigh for two weeks but I am OK and still loving my bike. I should have done it more often. Later in late March and April, we went to visit our family in the US. I got to paint a lot and mailed my art friends my art cards, getting to know so many nice people. I did a world wide drawing day once in June and got so many good comments on my bird painting. Later in September, I joined a sketch-from-life group in WetCanvas Scavenger Hunt forum, I enjoy sketching so much. I never thought that I could draw... I still have a lot to learn but certainly joining the sketching group help me getting into fun routine of sketching much easier. I also did the World-wide sketchcrawl one time in October. It was fun to venture out to Bangkok and sketch my beloved city and shared the works for the world to see. I also joined BlogingDaily movement in November and got exhausted but had fun and learned a lot. I did another day out sketching on my own on the Thai father day holiday, Dec 5 and got a few fun sketches as seen above. In late December, our family took a vacation at Hua Hin, a beach town 2 hour from Bangkok, and I got to sketch some more. I hope you have a great fun creative year in 2009. Happy New Year.

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