SketchCrawl#20 & Artober -- October 25, 2008

Today I combine my art's friend, Diahn, Artober sketching with World-wide SketchCrawl#20 right here in Bangkok.

I am not sure if anyone had done previous Sketchcrawl in Bangkok, Thailand before. At least I am the one who went solo here this time. The day started by I did some plein air sketching of the outside view of my neighborhood. Then I packed my sketching stuffs and getting in a cab for some down town adventure by Chraopraya River. The cab snaked through the neighborhood roads to one of the major pier on the west side of Bangkok, Pepsi pier. This pier is the place where all Pepsi products get distributed by giant ships to the northern part of the country. I wonder if Coke has the similar type pier but so far I heard of none. I sketched some parked Tuk Tuks at the pier entrance, then the pier. Then I hopped on the ferry to cross Chraopraya River but my art tote's strap malfunctioned and it was no longer fun to travel with both hands hauling the bag instead of carrying it. So I ended up sitting at the ferry pier of the otherside of the river to do some more sketching of the river leaping to downtown Bangkok. All in all it took about 2 hours of sketching. I had a lot of fun and thanks for looking at my results. This was my first SketchCrawl and I hope to join some more in the future.


Pine Cone said...

Hi Ai,

What an awesome group of sketches from you SketchCrawl participation. It is wonderful to see you in your corner of the world through your sketches and through your profile and pics! Thank you for participating, and for sharing these with all the world. You have warmed my heart.

Pine Cone

Ai said...

Thank you so much PineCone. I hope one day we can go sketching together.

Joan said...

Ai - You did so well for your first sketchcrawl!!!! Congratulations!

Diahn said...

Looks like you had a great day, Ai! I especially like your sketches of the motorbikes. What fun!

"JeanneG" said...

Great job on all your drawings. The motor bikes look like they would be fun but scary in too much traffic. Very interesting about the Pepsi pier. I love hearing about other places in the world. Thank you for sharing and glad you had fun.