Home Orchid Plein Air

This is a watercolor ATC done for Wetcanvas art exchange project. We have been fortunate that in our humble garden the orchirds take turn to bloom.


Joan said...

Ai - Great colors and contrasts!! I would love to have a garden with orchids!!!

Desiree said...

Hi Ai, I love your ATC's. I just could take on a new project when I didn't finish my last ones. I miss our visits. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Rose said...

Love the loosness, Ai... I haven't been here in a while, nice to see your smiling face and all the pretty colors.

Lady Rando banned me, so I can't come back until Nov. 14. It's not even worth having a project anymore since I can't get in or post. I don't know what to do. Could you write me at lifeinhim61@comcast.net? I need to ask you some things. :) xoxox Love ya, Rose