This is a 4x6 watercolor postcard done from an image reference by MadMum on Wetcanvas image library. This card is also a part of Wetcanvas Spring Fling project. This is also another card done by wet-into-wet technique


mARTa said...

Oh Ai, these are absolutely beautiful!!!! I had such a bad sleep last night filled with frightening images. I cannot seem to get myself in the mood to get back to my school studies so I am visiting my favorite blogs.
I am seeing such beautiful images that my mood is lifting and soon I will be smiling and happy again! Thank you for sharing with me. I do understand how depressing it is to feel as if we don't deserve such eye problems. But I am confident that with good or poor vision our creative soul really doesn't need eyes!

Joan said...

Ai, The flowers you're doing are so good!! Wonderful colors!!