Scituate & Cape Cod

Last month, I was lucky to go visit my sister-in-law in Scituate. We arrived there in horrible shape due to a storm in mid-west had caused many plane delays. That day, we spent time travel from Birmingham, Alabama to Boston longer than flying from Tokyo to Chicago (~14 hours). We got to Scituate, a suburb coastal town 3o miles south of Boston at 4 am. The next morning we walked around the town, shops, and neighborhood, check out the souvenir shop, "The Quater Deck". We drove along the shore-line and see many interesting homes.

On Saturday, we left for a short trip to Cape Cod to visit Uncle Rich, Aunt Carol, and their son's family. This is the first time two cousin, Baby Ian, and Baby Iris can meet. At the Cape, Uncle Rich took us on the ride along the ocean, and some path through the marshland during the low tide. It is very interesting to see many people choose to live in expensive homes, overlooking the ocean, or along the marshland. But have to disconnect from the world several hours a day (in high-tide, some marshland road is underwater). I envy the tranquil places they have. I probably could paint the marshland all day too. The same afternoon, we drove through the historic downtown Wellfleet, which was quiet at that time of year. Uncle Rich said, summer will bring lots more traffic and activity. I saw someone clamming near the marshland too. I really feel so New England. When we drove by the pier of Wellfleet, I saw a gentle man do a plein-air painting of a boat on the dock. I wish I could be his painting buddy. I took some photos of the boat for future reference though.

We stayed one night at Uncle Rich because there was a forecast if a Noreaster coming toward Boston area. We arrived back at Scituate safely and spent another day doing mini storm chasing along Scituate shore line. I painted the work above from these coastal inspirations. The reference photo was from Wetcanvas image library. It was a scene from "Nova Scotia".

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