Darn stray dogs start this...

Well after many thoughts about what to do with my passion, I decide to start my blog here at this very moment. I am the queen of procastination and self-second guessing. I always was not sure of what I want to do in life. However, this morning something bad (but not so serious) happens at my house. A stray bitch and her pup who sneak in to use my next door club house as their night time shelter have dug up one big hole under my new tree in front of the house. I just bought and planted the tree yesterday. The digging causes a lot of mess and I had to pay my gardener to clean it up. I was upset because one of my neighbor has been given foods to stray dogs in the neighborhood. This lures those dogs to stay around in our gate community. Thai people
call this unconditional act of giving as 'Tum-boon". So my neighbor has tumboon-ed to the straydogs but who will tumboon to a busy working mom like me who have to take care of a family and work and have to spend my extra time cleaning up messes from neighborhood stray dogs.... Enough of stray dogs in the morning.

I stop my stray dog headache in the morning by working on my
Java..not a cup of java but a programming language. I study Java till 1pm. So I thought of getting a nearby noodle cup at the central pond of the univ. I went there got my meal in a cup find a good seat next to the univ. pond. Arrh.. the joy of simple lunch next to the pond with school of fishes right in front of me. A couple of students have 'Tumboon' to the fishes by giving them bread..... I enjoy seeing the fishes swimming near by. They have topped of my relaxation of the day....but wait... I saw some students start giving their leftover food to univ. stray dogs near by. Oh no.. two students have moved to the bench next to me. Now the two stray dogs follow them to the side of my bench. So now I have to finish my lunch before the flea(s) jumping into it. And the best relaxation that happen to me today just evaporate. All in all because of the darn stray dogs..... Should I be mad?

NO...!!! I think I should turn this crisis to an opport
unity. Tomorrow, I will try to be around the darn stray dogs again with my digital camera. And I will take a ton of their pictures. Then I will paint them and post their images and painings into this blog. I will start selling the (darn) stray dogs painting and make money. And the proceed will go to my 'Tumboon' fund hiring gardener to pick up messes after my neighborhood stray dogs.

The Humane Society will be on the top of my list for prospective patrons of my stray dog work series. Watch out stray dogs.... here I come.

PS. The painting above is "Molly - The Good Dog".

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