Back home after flood evacuation.

Hi friends, thanks for your good vibe. We went away for almost 3 weeks for Bangkok flood evacuation. We came home to a still dry home. Thank to the Lord, the flood water missed our house by four miles. There are still some parts of Bangkok that are still under heavy flood. I pray for those people to have their home back to normal soon. During evacuation, we went to Hua Hin, a sea-side town, 2 hour south-west of Bangkok. I sketched some and hope to post soon. Thanks to the flood, I now know what I cherish most, ... my family. Preparing the house to be ready for the flood was not easy as all hardware stores were out of supply such as silicone sealant, duct tape, sand bags, bricks, cement mix. Two of my neighbors are engineers and both of their house were surround by the newly paved bricks to block water from entering the house. Tone and I cannot buy any brick and cements; the best we did do was put waterproof plastic garbage bag around our doors, which were glue shut by silicone sealant. The house looked stupid and Tone and I felt exhausted and stupid too. We did not know if what we did would actually effectively prevent water from coming in the house. At that time, we felt that was the best we can do. Later Tone and I were under heavy stress and can no longer preparing the house for the flood any more, right before we left for the evacuation. We knew that if the flood came, we could have lost our beloved grand piano (which we just have bought three months ago) and have to spend so much money to fix the house. But we were so stress and did not want to be at the house anymore despite we still had some valuable things in it. We just wanted to feel safe from the flood chaos ... so we packed and left home for 3 weeks for good.

We were right cause it must have been hard to take care of a 6 yr old and a 1.5 yr old through flood chaos in Bangkok, which included 2 days of no clean pipe water, as dirty flood water contaminated Bangkok city's water source and the serious shortage of food and drinking water supply in Bangkok due to people got panic and started hoarding everything from all the shelf in the stores.

Anyway, we get through it and upon returning to Bangkok we did donate some money to flood help program. Any physical help from us is impossible at the moment due to we have to tend to baby Lily. Thank God that we all still here safe and dry.


Sue Pownall said...

I'm so pleased that your beautiful home wasn't flooded. Love the duck in your next post.

Ai said...

Thank so much Sue. Thanks for your blessing.