Career & Art & Motherhood & Music

Well all I can say is that I am a bit of a slow juggler at the moment: career, art, music, and motherhood. Luckily career-wise, I havent yet gone back to full steam teaching. For now I am more toward consulting with student projects and pushing out research publications. I also try to practice piano 20-30 min. a day. There were days that I could not do that like when just finishing with baby stuff took me beyond 10 pm. and I was so out of steam. Art has also slowed down, not much big format painting at all, more of sketches. Luckily, I have managed to go out with my sketch group once a month. Motherly-wise, Lily has just turned 5 months; Iris just turned 5 years. They both keep us busy and joyful and occasionally frustrated. However, they are our big gifts from God that enrich our lives. I just wish I have more energy and more than 24 hours in a day though.


Helen Percy Lystra said...

I can imagine, I'm only the grandma who has him a couple days a week and I haven't had time to paint.

Ai said...

Thanks Helen for stopping by. You are one active grandma yourself.