Scavenger Hunt#166

I did these in my new sketchbook 8x10 inch 80 grams paper. It might not suit the watermedia (got some buckles) but it is fun to try it out. Mostly done with a brown Stabilo pen with Koi-travel set watercolor.

#1 cheap -- clip
#2 precious -- our wedding photo, taken at the park
#3 brush
#4 wood -- wooden comb
#5 trip

#6 office supply -- glue stick
#7 accessory -- Iris-s hair clips
#8 something hanging -- ear rings
#9 cosmetic -- a lipstick
#10 belong to other -- Tone-s tie

#11 Sturdy -- a giant tree at the park, pencil 2B
#12 made of paper -- jig-saw puzzles
#13 something I rarely use -- oil paint

#14 Ear -- two views of 2 students ears while I proctor the exam
#15 Hand gesture -- of another student while she was doing the exam.

#16 Closed -- the exhibition hall at the University of Fine Arts, Bangkok. It is closed today. My SketchCrawl friend from Germany, Karin, and I stayed around and sketch from the outside.

#17 long -- the Reclining Buddha, approx. 150 ft. long and 48 ft. high in the head part. I also include the actual image.


jyothisethu said...

the style of your post is different and fantastic...
the art works are also very fine...

Ai said...

jyothisethu, thanks so much for visiting here and leave your kind thought.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

You're doing so well with these Ai

Helen Percy Lystra said...

You're doing so well with these Ai

Joan said...

Ai - You are slowing down with your posting a bit I see. Great sketches!

Ai said...

Thanks Helen and Joan, yes I am slowing down a bit with my Blog, face book, art exchange projects, and big-size painting. I just feel a little tired toward my last stage of pregnantcy and the semester has been rough on me too. I am glad the semester is over but the baby will come out in 4-5 weeks... Yeah. !!!